Feel Inspired Today.
It starts with you

Be your own kind of beautiful. You deserve maximum results, however, goals come with a price;
Time, discipline and commitment. 
Embrace your goals, that is how you grow. You got this! 

We are all on our own journey. 
Some paths will be harder than others, but it's up to us to endure to the end to achieve our own goals.

Seeing people elevate in their training is a joy that simply cannot be described.  

I love seeing people succeed and surpassing limitations, getting over doubt and becoming confident in themselves.

A relaxed mind is a creative mind.
Training is relaxing

Be kind to yourself!

Our clients are TOP PRIORITY. You are top priority!
We regard safety above anything else.

It is a value that every client knows that is F.I.T IslandGirl training.
Here are some of our testimonials...

Denecia Meade

I definitely would recommend Shiera’s 4 week meal plan! The meal plan is easy to follow with a variety of meal options per day. I really liked this because experimenting with different foods makes the journey more interesting. Plus, the meal options are tasty and easy to implement into your daily life, for example I switched my morning oats with the breakfast smoothies recipes from the meal plan :). –Denecia


"I never thought that I could go 2 weeks without eating meat. The first few days took getting used to, but after day 3 I stopped thinking about meat. The meals were delicious, which made cooking enjoyable. I looked foward to each meal. Meal prepping took adjusting to until it became my routine from breakfast down to dinner. The meals were very filling. I was really full. The snacks in between was a great help as well. I never thought I would be full eating meals that did not contain meat more so vegan meals.

Within the 2 weeks, I lost 3kg in body fat with just going to the gym 3 times a week. I didnt feel like I was not eating enough. I learned more about cooking diffe​​rent types of dishes and can add my own twist to the meals now that I'm finished with my two weeks. It was also an ease of mind not having to wonder what I am going to eat the following day. All in all was a interesting 2 weeks and definitely worth it."

"I have done the meal plan for 4 weeks and I had amazing results. It was not about eating small portions but really well balanced eating. Therefore I was never hungry and lost quite an amount of kilos. Together with training I shaped my body to a new form. I would definitely advise to do it!!! "

The 4 week meal-plan did not just help me to reach my short term goals, it also helped me in creating a healthier lifestyle change through a well-balanced diet. I now know how to portion control, how much of the necessary nutrients to have, and the more appropriate times of the day to consum​e them. It was also easy to already have my meals planned out, which then gave me ample time to have fun experimenting in the kitchen😊. I learned new combinations. I became inspired by my own pictures, and was really happy when I saw results. I lost nearly 3 kilos and some stubborn belly fat. I would definitely recommend Fit IslandGirl’s 4-week meal-plan for anyone who is looking to start an affordable well balanced ​diet. You won’t regret it!"

What 12 weeks of dedication can do